пятница, 31 марта 2017 г.

Anita Tsoy – The Sky (Небо)

Another Russian song translation from yours truly. And once again, it's been sitting in my WIPs for over a year. The fact that I'm finally done with it feels kinda nice.

Keep me safe, I beg of you
I am weaker than I look
I belong to you with heart and soul

I will love you till our death
I will catch your every breath,
Hiding pain inside my heart from all

Your name meaning, “Paradise”
Gets my heart on quite a rise
Having closed my eyes, I fly to you

I've been praying for your soul
All the rhymes and songs, they roll
Off my heart for just a sight of you...

The blue sky up above, don't hurt me like you do...
Without him this life becomes way too much to bear
I want to run, then dive so deep into this heart
The blue sky up above, the blue sky up above

In your speech a line between
Yes and no cannot be seen
You say life is unpredictable...

Want to end this inner strife
And start living my own life
Yet my pain is all too visible...


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