вторник, 30 января 2018 г.

NS – Queen of Ice (Королева ледяная)

Again, this was done last summer, but I only posted it now.

[Verse 1]
Looking for the distant, winter land
Missing days when Kai would, hold my hand
Know it; my life is so lonely…
Someone stole him from me on an icy sleigh (ooohh…)
Falling ashy snowflakes covered up the way (ooohh…)
Know it; my life is so lonely…

Mighty blizzard, can you tell me
Where my boyfriend grows unhealthy?
Is he roaming through the snowfall?
“Cannot tell you nothing at all”
Searching for him, I will wander,
But can only bet on summer,
For I know it was another,
Queen of ice and nasty weather!

[Verse 2]
When you left, our precious roses withered (ooohh…)
Tiny bits of snowflakes, tears of silver (ooohh…)
Know it; my life is so lonely…
Now your hearth is thawing, baby, hurry up (ooohh…)
Used to hold it back, but now I shall speak up (ooohh…)
Know it; my life is so lonely!


Blizzard blows into my eyes, I cannot see
I am freezing, ice is overwhelming me
Deep inside, though, I still feel some heating
Everything will come to pass long as your heart keeps beating!


Know it; my life is so lonely…

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