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Elka – Laddie So Pretty (Мальчик-красавчик)

Life in the fast lane, basically.

Oh, laddie so pretty,
All the ladies sigh like crazy,
Crying ‘cause you’re amazing
When they have you in their sights.
Oh, laddie so pretty,
All the ladies become pasty
When you roll, and they turn thirsty
Once your car is out of sight.

[Verse 1:]
The laddie is driving the car he got from daddy,
Riding through the avenues and looking oh so dandy
In tight-fitting garments. With eyes beneath a visor,
He’s puffing menthol cigarettes, a topper womanizer
With proper advertisements: boots n’ dandy belts of leather,
Along with colorful tattoos. He can’t ignore you better.
His earrings shine with swagger and wit of a magician.
You know him as a dancer-turned-producer-and-musician.


[Verse 2:]
Bloodline-driven forces shall assist in getting fortunes.
According to the sources, his armchair’s simply gorgeous.
Visions of the future framed by bank cards full of money,
Show the laddie growing up to claim his life of honey.
His talks make it sunny, like at Hawaiian Islands.
He keeps his model screenings far behind the wall of silence.
Hands on wheel, he rolls in his car by Ferrari,
Keeps the pedal to the metal, and knows his future’s starry.


[Verse 3:]
Uncle kindly granted laddie portions of his profits.
The boy shall learn geography by visas in his wallet.
The guy has tried to live by rules of Brad Pitt’s style,
A glass of margarita waits by his blanket while
He’s standing at the entry, letting in the greatest.
The A-List star promoter, his profession is top-rated.
Born to oil tycoons, he knew his future since the cradle.
He also knows why losing him his daddy cannot handle.


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